Monday, January 3, 2011

Goodbye Mickey, Hello Amanda-ness!

Today was my little sister's last day of vacation in Michigan and my cue that the holidays are officially over. It's time to put away the Christmas decorations, register for Winter classes and get to work on this house! Having Mickey home is always super exciting and fun and things just seem more complete with her in the house. And then all of a sudden a few days into our time together, we manage to revert back to that magical period in our lives when we were teenagers in our parents house trying to murder each other with verbal assaults and death stares. Our visits wouldn't be complete without this mini hate fest and we always pop right back into loving each other without skipping a beat but we always manage to fit all the experiences of having a sister into whatever time we are given. I still would rather have her in MI but we'll be in Boston for Easter and that's not long at all.

After dropping her off at the airport I wasted no time jump starting my best year ever by karate chopping my to do list to pieces. I registered for the Winter semester with two management classes and a math class (pending a placement exam) that are sure to keep me busy. Next was an adaptive yoga class at Rising Sun that took me up 10 notches on the Betty scale, took a break for pork chops with the husband and ran back out for my first run of the new program. Now I'm organizing my invite list for Sunday's candle party and then it's bed time.

The yoga class was amazing. Every time I go to a class it feels like I'm closer to being myself, or at least like the person that isn't clouded up with worries, things to do and baggage from the past that you don't really remember but for some reason the bad energy has been floating around in your body causing trouble. Clearing your head and focusing on your body can do wonders. But of course, I was caught up the momentum of the day and made a terrible decision by eating pork chops and then going for a run outside. I was so thirsty but thought, "hey, I'll just drink extra water when I get back home and I'll be fine". So dumb! I was cramping up, instantly sweating like a maniac and then I got super nauseous and called it quits after .6 miles. Boooooo! Well tomorrow is another day for a much better, cooler, smarter, most awesomest run ever,  I hope.  

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Third Times a Charm

A few months ago my little sister got a job at Converse as their new in house photographer in Boston. We are so proud of her and happy that she's doing so well and loving Boston. But more importantly, we are ecstatic about the family discount at Converse and Nike that we have been enjoying. Personally, I've used this lovely perk to stock up on running and yoga gear the past few weeks. In the past I've invested in running shoes but as far as clothing and gear went, anything would do. Since using my new Nike gear I have really come to appreciate Nike technology and am excited to get back into a full routine. Running and yoga have always been the only form of exercise that I truly can get into because it feels great, helps me focus and just makes me feel better all around. As far as sports and strength training go, it is pure torture! Exaggerating aside, I have puked after one set of squats with a trainer and had to call it a day, complete waste of money. I don't know what my problem is but it's probably mental.

Anyhow, back to my point. I've been taking advantage of the Nike running website and signed up for a program that is going to take me from walking to running in 12 weeks. I've started the program twice now in the past three weeks and unfortunately haven't ran the last few days so am starting for the third and final time tomorrow. I have everything I need, no more excuses, rain, shine or blizzard I'm sticking to the program. It's going to be great and hopefully I can get some running buddies. One of my best friends husband offered to keep me company but right now he's doing seven mile runs and I'm back to baby steps. On week two it would probably be beneficial to have someone to give me that extra push to keep up. I'll be sure to keep myself honest and on track with my Nike+ gear, which by the way is super cool and not as distracting as I thought it would be. Just turn it on, throw it in your pocket and run. Well wish me luck on my first run :) it's time to get some rest now!

Nike Running
Yoga - Southgate,MI

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hello there 2011! Well today is the day, like most of you, we officially hit the reset button in my house for the new year. Our home was filled with promises of new habits to replace the old, hobbies that require more skill than we currently posses and OF COURSE talk of significant weight loss, but no mention of last years diet results. I wish that every day could feel as hopeful and promising as the days following the new year and maybe they can. It's easy to dream and wish ourselves an updated version of the life we know we could have, especially when we've designated a day or two to get it out of our systems, but doing the work always seems to get left out of the fantasy. So here is to remembering that critical space that turns our present into our future, even if it is difficult, boring or sometimes never-ending. And now for my official laundry list of all the transformations I am positive are going to happen in the next twelve months:

- Write more and talk less. (listening is going to have to wait until 2012)
- Take my hundreds of dollars in scrapbooking equipment and actually make scrapbooks!
- Cook, eat at home, grocery shop, anything to not eat out every meal of the day.
- Run and go to yoga regularly. It's the only exercise I really enjoy and I could use the movement.
- Less multitasking/ Finishing what I start. Maybe it wouldn't take me days to do everything if the TV wasn't on and I wasn't texting and online shopping. Maybe?
- Give 100% during mom time, wife time, sister time, friend time, etc. Stop always living in Amanda time, even though it's sooo nice there ;)

That's not such a bad list, although it could have been more specific. But this way next year when it's time to measure my results, they can be slightly forgiving. So good luck to everyone on the promises you made for what is sure to be the year that changes your life! On that note, I'd like to leave you with my favorite resolution I heard this New Years Eve.

"I would like to love more this year. I feel like I have a lot of hate and this year is going to be about love". - NP

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Reunions & Remembering.

Tomorrow is my mother's birthday, well actually today now. She passed away this past May and she would have turned 60. Since the beginning of the year she'd been mentioning how she didn't want a big party but we've never been the kind of family to let things go without celebration, especially when it came to my mother. This year won't be any different, although the festivities will be much smaller (so I suppose she's getting what she wanted).

Most of my family will be going to the cemetery with cupcakes and flowers to sing Happy Birthday but I've yet to visit her there along with my younger brother and sister. It doesn't seem like I would find her there and the thought of visiting a place where only her body is doesn't seem very fulfilling or appealing to me. Especially when she was much much more than that. I imagine that goes the same for my brother and sister but I could be wrong.

I will however be celebrating at the theatre. There was nothing in this world my mother loved more than her family, but if there were, it would have absolutely been movies. She saw every movie released which would sometimes put her in the theatre four days a week. She said it was her escape and she could always find something to enjoy, from the soundtrack to the costumes to the dialogue. Needless to say, we've inherited this hobby and nothing makes me feel closer to her than being in that theatre.

On a ligher note, our good friend Michelle will be coming home from Colorado tomorrow night and the ladies are going to go have a quick drink before she drives to another part of the state to visit her own family. Michelle moved to CO right after high school for college and we've just kept our fingers crossed this whole time hoping something brings her back permanently. She recently got engaged to this wonderful man in CO and they just purchased their first home together so it's looking like time to uncross those fingers and start on a plan B. I'm very lucky to have an amazing group of close friends and having everyone in the same room is always a spectacular time so I'm really looking forward to that. I have to admit that I am a little nervous about how I'll feel with my family remembering my mom.

Stay tuned.....

In the meantime here is some Rachel's for the occasion.